Elegant jewelry for all ages by David Yurman

Elegant jewelry for all ages by David Yurman

Years and years prior, while they were craftsmen working in midtown Manhattan, Sybil and David Yurman chose to begin their own gems image. Their objectives were determinedly modest.

“We didn’t come to it through, ‘Hello, how about we stock this. We’ll assemble a business and make a fortune,’ “Ms. Yurman said. “We wanted to construct a business. Our longing was essentially to make, to impart it to one another and to have the option to make more.

“To do that, we needed to sort out some way to offer it to have the cash to make more, so that is the thing that we did.”
Mr. Yurman concurred:
“This is a workmanship project.” The couple sat in a genial room at their organization’s TriBeCa base camp, with a few of Mr. Yurman’s figures on racks close by.
Numerous authentic pieces have pave precious stones eminently, he was the primary significant goldsmith to set jewels in silver. He calls this classification Silver Ice, and it was progressive in making jewels an ordinary extravagance. Yurman is likewise known for innovative stone cuts, most prominently the pad cut for the Albion Collection

The 7mm Cable Classics wristband is the primary arm band made by Yurman and it is as yet the hit right up ’til the present time, outflanking different plans a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Signs of the Cable Classics assortment incorporate, you got it, an alluring wound link plan that features the toughness and nature of each piece.
Let’s have a view on stunning collection of David Yurman

Convertible Pendant In 18K Yellow Gold with Black Onyx, Mother-Of-Pearl & Pave Diamonds

From the DY Elements Collection. In this assortment, David Yurman investigates the circle an immortal image of solidarity, a shape without starting or end. This neckband is tradable and can be worn various ways. Components are removable and can be worn independently whenever wanted.
Helena End Station Bracelet In 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

In the Helena Collection, David Yurman gets back to the more drawn out, less fatty bit of his first high quality Cable arm band, wrapping the famous structure with 18K yellow gold strings complemented with hand-set pavé jewels, bringing about this stylish open wristband.

Ring In 18K Yellow Gold with Black Onyx & Pavé Diamonds:

In this assortment, David Yurman investigates the circle an ageless image of solidarity, a shape without starting or end.

Cable Spira 18K Yellow Gold Small Hoops

From the Cable Collection. David Yurman’s imaginative signature, Cable started as an arm band that he hand-wound from 50 feet of wire. For as long as 30 years, he has developed the contorted helix into a bunch of plans.

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